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Miraculous Ladybug season 2 is coming out sometime next year and I'm very excited! So, like my MLP season wishlists, here's a wishlist for the 2nd season of MLB! I've seen other MLB wishlists on Tumblr so some of my wishes are also what they wished. This will be different however, since some of the points below are concepts instead of episodes (example: Nino's last name, I need to know what his last name is but obviously there's not going to be a whole episode revolving around it) So yeah, because of this there'll be 2 separate lists (Top 10 episodes and Top 10 concepts):

My Top 10 Episodes:

10. The Bee Kwami: An episode or a series of episodes leading up to who is chosen as the bee kwami. I don't like the fact that Chloe might be the bee Kwami, but I'm not against it. However, it'll take a HUGE redemption episode for me to believe it. OH, maybe deep down, Chloe wants to help so when she meets the bee kwami, she'll actually be excited to finally do good, but is afraid to taint her reputation. So for the episodes following her becoming a superhero, she keeps her nice side a secret and continues being her bitchy self, but her nice side slips at times and tries her best to hide it.

9. The Fox Kwami: In my headcanon, Alya becomes Volpina (to be honest, her hair is perfect for in costume xD). If Alya becomes Volpina, I imagine her being all excited to finally know Ladybug's identity since she thinks her and Chat Noir know each other irl, but then gets all frustrated when she doesn't find out xD. Also, she could at first refuse because of her blog, but then she can Peter Parker-it-up by hiding cameras and getting pics from battles AND THEN THAT'LL KEEP EVERYONE FROM FINDING OUT WHO SHE IS. OR BECAUSE VOLPINA HAS THE POWER OF ILLUSION (or at least that's what we think for now) SHE CAN HAVE AN ILLUSION FIGHTING AND SHE IS JUST RECORDING (of course she can't show her face to her viewers since she has to be in costume in order to work her powers) BUT THIS COULD ALSO GO THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

8. Volpina vs. Volpina: So if Alya does become the actual Volpina, I want Lila to see Volpina!Alya in action and then gets mad and jealous and is akumatized into Volpina!Lila and she goes full on battle with Alya BUT since Alya is the real Volpina, she has more authentic powers and is able to beat Lila. Of course Ladybug and Chat try to help but Alya tells them to stay out of it unless she needs Catyclysm or Lucky Charm and of course the purification.

7. Marinette's birthday: Just a birthday episode and Adrien gives her a present <3

6. Switched bodies: There has to be an akuma with powers to switch people's bodies, right? If Ladybug and Chat Noir get switched during an akuma battle, they could struggle in each other's body at first, but then they begin to get used to using each other's strengths and weaknesses as the battle progresses and that'll lead to the two knowing more about each other's strengths and weaknesses, how their powers can be used, how useful they are to one another, and most of all: it'll bring them closer.

5. Switched Kwami: Tikki and Plagg suddenly get switched (and they would find out who each other's holder is or they already know because of what I explain in the Top 10 concepts #4.) Then they have to find a way to get back to each other, but have to be discreet when telling their mixed holders where they could find their original holders. For example, if Adrien walks into the classroom and Tikki sees Marinette, she'd have to be really cautious in telling Adrien that she sees her holder in the room. He'd eventually rule out that Marinette hasn't been akumatized and will know she's Ladybug. The same goes for Plagg. But of course a simple solution would be to switch at night, however with how small the two are and how far a part Adrien and Marinette's homes are, they could be tired out really easily. It'll be best to switch back in a crowd and be cautious to not be seen.

4. Master Fu in action: I want to see what Master Fu looks like in costume and I would like to see his powers. I imagine he'll be fighting alongside the miraculous team and then Ladybug and Chat will just be worried about him because he's an old man. And then they're just so shocked because, seeing as though the turtle represents health and wisdom, he'll be fighting so smoothly and being wise about all his moves. (but since in that one scene in the origins, he has shown to have a bad back, I'm thinking that he has no problems in costume.)

3. Master Fu and Marinette interaction: The Volpina episode left us off with Marinette walking into Fu's house and him acknowledging her as Ladybug, so I'd like to see the premiere episode starting from where that episode left off. Maybe Master Fu will even begin to to train Marinette and teach her some extra tips. Then, in either the same episode or a different one, Adrien can also get to meet Fu. Though, I doubt it won't happen for a while since Plagg is a lazy little kitten. xD

2. Another time travel akuma: This time the akuma sends Ladybug and Chat as well as itself to the past where they meet past Ladybug(s) and Chat Noir(s). Maybe the akuma sends them to different time periods through out the episode or Ladybug and Chat just have to spend the entire episode fighting the akuma in one time period.

1. Jealous Adrien: Just like those fanfictions ;D You know, the ones where there's a guy that's flirt with Mari and he reminds her of Chat. Then the guy brings out the puns and calls her princess and Adrien's all like "that's my thing" and then he starts to feel weird and realizes he has feelings for Mari. >3<

My Top 10 Concepts:

10. Nino's last name: We haven't heard his last name least I haven't.

9. Chloe vs. Lila: Basically recurring fights over Adrien xD and then Lila talking shit about Ladybug and Chloe just goes bitch overload.

8. Mrs. Agreste Disappearance: We need more information about Mrs. Agreste. This information could come all in one episode or bit by bit over a series of episodes.

7. Adrien and Gabriel interactions: Just because Gabriel is busy and appears to never be there for his son, there are father/son moments, like the one in Jackady.

6. Tom and Sabine moments: There should just be moments between Marinette's parents. They seem like one of those cool parents and it'd be great if we got more of those two.

5. The Charm Bracelet: Let's see how Adrien's doing with Marinette's charm eh? It would also be great if the charm also had a high importance to what is to come.

4. Kwami Interactions: This could be an episode, but I'll leave it in my concept list. I'd like to see Tikki and Plagg interacting, maybe they could sneak off to Master Fu's place at night (when Adrien and Marinette are asleep) and then it'd be a secret meeting. Though, I understand that leaving their holders would be kind of risky considering that maybe Hawk Moth would release an akuma at night (even though we haven't seen that happen yet, but it could).

3. DJwifi: We gotta have some more djwifi moments. It's obvious that the two seem to be in the early stages of dating from what I can see in the Animan episode.

2. Miraculous History: Just tid bits about past Ladybugs and Chat Noirs or the entire Miraculous team.

1. Adrienette/Ladynoir/Ladrien/Marichat: This speaks for itself. In all honesty, I'd like to see more Marichat because I'd like to actually see how Adrien feels for Marinette. The way he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close in Evillustrator definately tells me something's up and I highly doubt Adrien's the flirting type (by which I mean he doesn't flirt with random girls, he'll only flirt with the person he likes) Adrien or Chat Noir, there is no way he'd be that guy.


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